Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting 16 ft. ceilings with children... Need I say more?

Yesterday was spent painting our living room which has not been painted since we moved in (2004).  There is a reason we have avoided this task!  Ugh.  Originally the walls were "blonde" by Sherwin Williams and the ceiling was a lighter shade.  Well, my hope was the paint the walls a cream color and hopefully be able to dodge painting the ceiling.  No such luck.  The walls and ceiling clash.  Great!  *insert sarcasm*  Here is the "before"...

Don't be jealous of the patchwork!

In case you care, those hideous lamps are the next to go!!!

Y'all didn't think I was stupid, did you?  I sent my hubs up the ladder.  haha  So thankful for him!

Clashage.  (Is that a word?)  New wall color, ceilings will be done next. 

Walls look good tho.

1 comment:

  1. It does look good! Our living room does the same thing, goes up real high like that and back down, thats why we havent even attempted...yet, painting ours!


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