Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee table revamp...

Warning the images below contain a big MESS of my work space (the garage).  The coffee table before, distressed by many matchbox cars....

Told ya it was a mess, anyway, the new and improved coffee table...

How awesome is that?!  I sanded, painted, distressed, glazed, and sealed it.  :)  This is my most prized possession to date!  :)



  1. Were you worried I may comment on the mess???

  2. That is a super color and it looks great. I would love a link to the party added. Thanks for joining the party.

  3. Great job! Love the color!!

  4. Wow, that turned out great...I'm working on a coffee table makeover too! This was great inspiration for me :)

  5. Thanks y'all!!! It makes me smile that you like it!

  6. Wow! What a great job you did and I love the color you chose! I have this exact same table and even though my boys are older now and it was bought to replace our matchbox driven table it is starting show wear as well. I was wondering how well it would dress up and now I know! Thanx for sharing!

  7. This is just gorgeous Alaina!!! Found you through the linkup at Funky Junk Interiors :) I'm going to find and use this colour paint on a bookcase of mine, I'm in love with it!
    Actually you wouldn't happen to have the brand and name of the colour of this paint would you, please?
    Min X

  8. I am super excited that y'all like this!!!! I am new to blogging, but have quickly become OBSESSED!!! haha

    I used Valspar at Lowe's and the color is actually darker in person (like a couple shades darker). It is my prized possesion to date! I actually found the green in the background of a picture and took it to Lowe's to match. This is what the paint can reads (I'm giving you all #'s bc I don't know what the "code" is)....

    Valspar, Quart, Interior/Latex/Semi-Gloss, Valspar Ultra Prem , B 4-44975
    102-23.5, 105-1Y6.5, 113-10.5, 114-1Y8

    Ok, that's the color!!!! Please let me know what you do it! I wanna see!!!!! :) And, thanks sooooooooo much for looking!!! *squeal*

  9. Great color! You did a fabulous job! Love it!


  10. I love this color! You rocked this one! :)

  11. I lurve this and your blog design is fab!! I am new to blogging too. (Mine isn't as pretty as yours!!lol) I think I need help!!

  12. Jen! You must google shabby blogs and cutest blog on the block. I think I have a couple buttons! I will check your blog out and follow! Yay!


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