Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hand painted wine/tea glass...

I hand painted some wine/ tea glasses for Christmas gifts last year.  I think this is the only one I took a pic of...
How cute, huh?  Just so you know, I bought these glasses at the Dollar Tree for exactly $1!!!  Cheapest Christmas gift EVER!!  :)  And, so thoughtful, might I add.

As you can see, my sister, Allie, loves her tea glass (as she doesn't drink alcohol). 


  1. I love it! So stinken cute Ms.Crafty! :) Angie

  2. Okay, so now everyone knows how much you spent on them for christmas. hahaha jk

  3. hahaha Amy! And, the thing is, I will leave price tags on stuff, just to say... "See regular price was $50, but I got it for $14.95!!! haha! Plus, I am soooo frugal!! :)


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