Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's the deal...

Ok, so I am re-doing EVERYTHING in our house!  I am so over the whole style.  I am completely obsessed with blogs, so I decided to start one.  I am a new graduate RN, looking for a job, so in the mean time, I am redecorating... on a low budget, I shall add.  Therefore, I will be posting my "post RN projects".  And, it all started with this bookcase:
I know, crazy dirty.  Well, my grand-daddy, built this bookcase back in the day.  It was like in our house growing up.  Needless to say, its been in the garage catching all kinds of mess.  I insisted on "MC Hammer" (my hubby) getting it out - he was soooo not happy.  :)  It, of course, took tons of research, but I totally did it.  The process was...  clean, sand, clean, paint with 3 coats of paint (Valspar), clean, distress, 2 coats of mocha glaze (Valspar), then a coat of sealant.  This mug may be the culprit of carpel tunnel syndrome.  ;)  Here it is, with decorating to be done.  As I said, I am changing the color scheme of this room too, so the flowers and lampshade on top has to go!  Let me know what you think...

And, just for fun, this is what "me baby" (3 years) was doing...



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  1. how special that it is something that's been in your family for so long. definitely a sturdy peice, then. love it in white! what a cute little superhero, too, lol!

  2. Very nice! It turned out really pretty!

  3. I like the white and that it has a story to go with it, maybe your little super hero will be refinishing it for his home one day :)

  4. I think it turned out great!
    it's is so sweet that your Grand-daddy built, 'back in the day'
    He'd be happy to know you're getting some enjoyment and function from it,...I betcha!


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