My name is Alaina.  I am a 32 y/o married mom of four children (3 boys and 1 girl).  I was a former Cosmetologist and a new Registered Nurse!!!  I am still super excited about my Nursing degree!  I am very creative and LOVE to craft!!  I enjoy anything from scrapbooking, making bows for my only girl, re-decorating, sewing (simple things), even coloring with my kids!  I am a total cheap scape, so I love to turn trash to treasure!  Really this a blog of my accomplishments.... I consider my children to be my biggest accomplisments, so you will see alot of them too.  And here they are:
Lillie Katherine (5), Pearson Tate (3), Asher Stone (5), and William "Cole" (8)

I will post a pic of the hubs soon!  I will now be referring to my hubs as "MC Hammer"  haha, bc those are his initials!!!  If you wanna know anything else, just ask!  :)
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