Sunday, February 27, 2011

Junky Weekend!

Well, we have been JUNKIN' all weekend!  Woohoo!!!  I have 5 fabulous finds!!!!!!  I will post pics soon!  I do have to get em outta the trunk.  haha  I, also, taught my little girl, Lillie (5), how to do some junkin' of her own!  Wow!  That girl was serious!  She found a Pixel Chix house and car for 50 cents each!!!  She actually screamed, "I love Goodwill!!!"  haha  We had no idea what we were missing with these!!!  She LOVES them, so we are now obsessed with finding more!!!  If you do not know what this is, google it, bc they are cool!  And, Mattel no longer makes them!  And... if you have any info about a good place to get em, share!!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tinkerbell Tutu for My Princess!

Back in the day (2007), I had a themed bday party for the kiddos.  I had Cole as Captian Hook, Asher as Peter Pan, and Lillie as Tinkerbell.  I was pregnant with Pearson at the time.  I bought the boys costumes from Disney, but Tinkerbell was not as fabulous as it needed to be, so I made it....  and I must say IT IS FABULOUS!

This is the back.  I bought the wings at Wilson's, then I painted them purple and glued rhinestones and added the ribbon.

This is the hairbow. 

This is the full outfit!  I bought the shirt from Walmart (I think), then glued rhinestones.  I also added flowers on the front of the tutu.  Close up of flowers...

Last, but certainly not least, here is Lillie (2 y/o) as Tinkerbell! 

Thanks to my MOM, who did this precious picture of my little girl.  I mean, let's be honest, her "model" was beautiful!  :)



This is the cutest idea!  A Friday night Blog Hop!!!  Please check this out!  It's a fun way to discover new blogs, as well as have other's discover yours.... 

The Girl Creative

Friday, February 25, 2011


Thank you to Jamie at for awarding me with *insert drumroll*....

Here's how to play along:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award, and 
let the giver know you accept the award!

1)  The "twins" were once "triplets"!!!  And by "twins", I am not talking about my boobs.  :)
2)  I am not a very creative cook.  We have spaghetti about twice a week! 
3)  I LOVE Diet Coke!
4)  I go to Target about 4 times a week.... The employees actually know me by name!
5)  I pee on myself when I laugh really hard.  (I need a bladder tack)
6)  I have been to college long enough to have a PhD.  I went to Spartanburg Methodist College majoring in Business.  I, also went to a fashion design school, called Bauder College majoring in Fashion Merchandising.  Then, I went to Greenville Tech and actually received a Nursing Degree.  My Medical Doctor degree comes from WebMd.  :)
7)  Lastly, if I don't get a job soon, I will lose my mind!!!!  I do not love being a stay at home mom!  Although, I love my children dearly.  :)

Ok, 15 blogs I love....

Tidbits from the Tremaynes
The Thriftress
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Dittle Dattle
Flamingo Toes
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My Third True Love
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I {heart} making

These are not all the blogs I follow daily, these are just a few!  I truly enjoy these ladies!!!  Please check them out!  :)

Thanks again to Jamie for inviting me to join this game!  :)

Quote of the day...

Pearson aka "Me baby" (3 y/o) hands me the wooden spoon and says, "Here's your weapon, Mommy."  haha  I, then, hold it in the air, "By the power of Greyskull....."   Get it?  He-man?  hahaha, I thought it was funny!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It looks like what?!

I must share this story about 2 of my crazy boys!  My friend, Kelisha, came over for a  couple hours yesterday.  While she was here, I threw a couple of foils in her hair (I did mention I used to be a cosmetologist, right?)  Anyway, while she was drying her hair, Asher (5 y/o), says, "Why you tryin' to be a sexy girl?"  WHAT?!  Where in the world is my 5 y/o hearing "sexy"?  When asked, Asher replies, "I will not tell."  Kelisha then looks at Pearson (3 y/o) and says, "Pearson, do you like my hair?"  He says, "NO!"  Kelisha says, "Why?"  Pearson, "Because it looks like a fart."  Nice boys I'm raisin'!  :) 

Argh, Matey!!!!!!!!!

A couple of years ago, I went on a super fun girls weekend to Tybee Island, GA.  I ran across the coolest art.  I had decided to decorate one of the boy's room in a pirate theme.  I got all excited about this painted canvas, until... I saw the price.  It was like $300!  I don't think so people!!!  I asked a friend to take a pic and then attempted to paint one.  Here is the product.  Quite whimsical, I must say...

I just love his gold tooth!  And, my kids thought it was pretty funny!  Feel free to copy.  haha, as if you wanna!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One Christmas, I made my mother-in-law a birthstone bracelet, pendent, and earrings.  All were made out of sterling silver and swarovski (that doesn't look right... anyway) crystals.  It has the birthstones of her kids and grand kids.  It turned out really sweet.

This bracelet has her 3 kids and 10 grand kids!

Ok, from left to right, the first "dangle" is her daughter and her 4 kids, then her oldest son and his 2 kids, then her youngest son (my hubs) and our 4 kids.  How sweet!!!!

The earrings were just a mix of all the colors used!  I really love this and it's special to me bc of the thought it took to make it!  I hope to make myself one!  :)  


Tip Junkie handmade projects

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cross redo

I bought this cross a few years ago at a consignment store for about $15.  I, of course, decided to redo it (spur of the moment type thing).  Well, I forgot to take a  pic of the cross before, so I found it in the background of a pic.  It is blurry, but you can get the general idea...

So it's like a bronze color.  Very dark and plain.  Here is the new cross...

Much better!  I painted it off white, distressed, glazed w/ mocha glaze, then I watered down some left over green paint from the coffee table and brushed it on and rubbed it off.  :)  Hope you like! 

Partyin' here....


Painting 16 ft. ceilings with children... Need I say more?

Yesterday was spent painting our living room which has not been painted since we moved in (2004).  There is a reason we have avoided this task!  Ugh.  Originally the walls were "blonde" by Sherwin Williams and the ceiling was a lighter shade.  Well, my hope was the paint the walls a cream color and hopefully be able to dodge painting the ceiling.  No such luck.  The walls and ceiling clash.  Great!  *insert sarcasm*  Here is the "before"...

Don't be jealous of the patchwork!

In case you care, those hideous lamps are the next to go!!!

Y'all didn't think I was stupid, did you?  I sent my hubs up the ladder.  haha  So thankful for him!

Clashage.  (Is that a word?)  New wall color, ceilings will be done next. 

Walls look good tho.

Party Time Monday!!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hand painted wine/tea glass...

I hand painted some wine/ tea glasses for Christmas gifts last year.  I think this is the only one I took a pic of...
How cute, huh?  Just so you know, I bought these glasses at the Dollar Tree for exactly $1!!!  Cheapest Christmas gift EVER!!  :)  And, so thoughtful, might I add.

As you can see, my sister, Allie, loves her tea glass (as she doesn't drink alcohol). 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Saturday!

As you can see, my main project yesterday and today was re-doing my blog.  Isn't it cute now?  Thanks so much to Shabby Blogs for the help!  I will post their button below. 

Other than the blog, we have cleaned out the garage.  Booooo!!!!  Hopefully we will start painting the living room tomorrow!

Saturday Nite Special at Funky Junk!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Friday, February 18, 2011

Whose doesn't love a party???

Check it out!

Something new...

As I said before, I am re-doing everything.  We have been in our house for like 8 years and we have not changed the decor until now.  I used to want everything really warm and cozy, now I want everything bright and airy.  So, we are starting with the living room.  The wall color is currently "blonde" by sherwin williams.  HATE IT.  The new color will be creamy, I think.  :)  So, until I have decided on the wall color, I am decorating.  Yeah, probably not the proper way, but I don't care.  The living room wall above the couch was...

Try not to be jealous of the paint swatches on the wall. 

Now, after some creativity....

The plate on top was a wedding gift from my cousin.  It has our wedding invitation engraved.  Awwww.

Fly like a G6... Get it?  Goss and there are 6 of us.... I thought it was cute.

My fav.  Cole (8yrs) did they wonderful drawing of our family!  :)
 I do love this too.  My 3 precious boys and 1 very special girl.  Did you see, I even added the dog, Chewy!

What were the cherubs doing you ask???  All but one smart boy (Asher) are picture below...
Haha.  Wtheck?


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